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Winter in Germany this year has been brutal. Frigid temperatures, heaps of snow and freezing rain were not on my Christmas wish list. I have the blessing (curse) of a long driveway. When winter strikes, the curse begins. Shoveling parties are anything but fun. Just last week, I had to purchase 50 kilos of salt so that I could make two narrow paths for cars to maneuver up the treacherous drive.

As I sprinkled the salt on the icy surface, I became a little boy doing a science experiment. The compound reacted with the frozen water and produced a crackling sound. Before long, what was once ice was now liquid – Fluid, Movable, and Transformed. When you add salt to water or other pure solvents, the freezing point diminishes and the boiling point increases.

The same can be true when we invest our lives in other people. Interaction produces reaction. Cold or unresponsive individuals may need you to distribute kindness and let it seep into their lives. The person that just can’t seem to crack a bad habit calls for a scoop of encouragement to break through the ice. Others may struggle with a temper that boils over, time and time again. A dash of accountability could be the very thing they need to decrease the rate of explosion.

Maybe you have been carrying around 50 Kilos of salt. Afraid that investing your life in others would sting – salt in the wound. I think it is the very agent of change that humanity desires. Start spreading the salt. Watch and listen like a child, as people’s personal makeup begins to change – Fluid, Movable, and Transformed.