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Drew & Chelsea

Investing in people is a life enriching adventure.

It is my goal to provide helpful ways to better make this investment and to highlight those that embody this adventure.

From my childhood days in the Shenandoah Valley to my current life in Germany, I have always craved adventure. Maybe it is my extrovert personality, or being a middle child, but I believe that a truly life enriching adventure involves people. It undoubtedly involves choosing to invest in people.

Throughout my life there have been individuals that have intentionaly committed to invest in me. These investments – words, love, finances, challenge and time – were invaluable in shaping different parts of my life. As so many have invested in me, I am consciously choosing to invest in others.

Though these following elements of my life are not the main topic of this blog, they do shape me and my perspective of investing myself in people.


I like love – and I choose to love my wife, Chelsea. Chelsea and I got married in the summer of 2008. (We survived a dating life of Skype calls and traversing the Atlantic Ocean for 4 years – long distance relationships are cruel.)

I think Chelsea’s mantra would be, “Love Extravagant.” She lives it!

I am proud to be the husband of such a beautiful and adventurous wife, a wife who chooses to love me back.


I like to get lost – and then discover where I am! When Chelsea and I have a free day or two, we set off to uncover a different city, coast, or a cobblestone town road (living in Europe means that “country” is often added to that list).

Our only agenda is to explore and interact; culture and food are often higher priorities than accommodations.  Travel doesn’t have to be expensive, but it can be a huge investment in your fellow traveler(s), and the break you need to better invest in people when you return.


I like locals – and those that are far from home. As a follower of Jesus Christ and as a pastor, I am called to serve and work alongside people from a wide variety of cultures.

I have the privilege of pastoring an international church that seeks to cultivate healthy communities centered upon Christ.

A truly Christ centered community should be known for investing in people – locals and those that are far from home.