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A week after our church community filled a little Nutcracker tin with money; Maren, a young lady from our church shared a picture of how beautiful investing in people truly is. Our church had decided to partner with the local Frauenhaus – a women and children’s home. We had donated clothing before, but we felt that we should somehow share an extra bit of Christmas Joy with them. The plan was to put together packages for the women and children. To add an element of anticipation, we purchased Advent Calendars to be handed out before the first day of Advent. Little tiny doors that reveal chocolate can get almost anyone excited.

Due to the nature of the home and its reason for existence, Maren interceded on the community’s behalf to give away the Advent Calendars. She walked into the home, and was quickly surrounded by wide eyed children and curious mothers. After a quick explanation, the calendars were distributed to tiny hands and open arms. “You should have seen their faces,” Maren told the community. “The children couldn’t stop smiling and showing each other their new prize.” One of the mother’s came later and revealed to Maren that her daughter who was at school had wanted an Advent Calendar, and now she could give her one.

Investing in people is a beautiful thing. Too often we feel that our sphere of influence is too small to make a difference in the life of another. We excuse ourselves from investing because of our busy schedule – there is not enough time to start something new. Maybe we are right. We don’t have time or avenues to create something new. That is why I believe partnering with others is a great way to invest in people. There are other people that have already started projects and organizations. There are already avenues in place to help people. Why not start now investing in people by partnering with others who are already at work?

Are there others around you that are investing in people? Could you partner with them?

This Advent Season would be a great time to start partnering. I would love to hear your stories and ideas.