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I have a hard time asking for help. A crippling feeling overtakes my body and mind when I have a need that I cannot remedy. This is a struggle that I have been working on, but still plagues me. I am sure I am not alone.

To ask for something leaves us at the mercy of another person. We must admit our inability. We are forced to humbly submit ourselves to the possibility of rejection or even ridicule. Our need could be seen as trivial. It could be used against us in the future. When we progress along this line of thinking, it becomes more and more difficult to ask something of another person.

As I experiment with asking people for help, I am beginning to realize that this thinking is detrimental. People want to help. People have the resources and ability to lend a hand. People want to invest their lives, time, and efforts in others. When we fail to ask, we are cheating people of the chance to be a blessing. We are robbing them of an opportunity to enter a more intimate level of caring.

When we share our needs, we share a part of ourselves. It is only then others can respond with kindness, grace and love. If you truly want to invest in people, you must allow others the opportunity to invest in you.

All you have to do is ASK.