Investing in people - a life enriching adventure.

It is my goal to provide helpful ways to better make this investment and to highlight those that embody this adventure.


We Need Help.

My family. My community. The nation I live in. Our world. We – all of us – need help!

In the next two months, the number of displaced people in my city will double. Men and women, boys and girls, are forced to flee and seek refuge in a culture that is not their own. They are being forced to reconcile their situation in a language that is not their own.

This is not their problem. This is our responsibility.
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Today’s Choices

How much do you think someone would pay for your old unused resolution?

This is one of my issues with new year’s resolutions. They aren’t worth anything to anyone else, and yet they become precious to us. They excite us. They distress us and very often, disappoint us.

Imagine if you were someone’s New Year’s resolution. Newly dusted off. On display to be noticed and remembered.

Chants of positivity surround you on all sides. “We can do it!” “This is the year!”
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Zones of Comfort

I have heard many people talk about “leaving their comfort zone.” What is this alleged Comfort Zone? Where is everyone going when they leave it?

My Comfort Zone has always been the place that I have deemed safe. It is the place that I have faithfully walled and constructed. It is impervious to the stresses and dangers that could possibly cause me discomfort or distress.

When I was younger, I built forts – forts out of blankets, forts in trees, forts that rested along the banks of the stream that ran near my house.  I was creating little islands of comfort. read more…