We All Need Healthy Community

Family was my first introduction to healthy community, and my lovely wife and three incredible children have emphasized the importance of cultivating healthy community.

I ventured to Europe in my early twenties, and quickly learned that if we do not consciously choose to cultivate community we will be left in isolation. For me, that meant learning the language and customs of the people around me. It meant sharing meals around all types of tables. It meant asking for forgiveness for not meeting expectations that were foreign to me, and offering forgiveness when I felt misunderstood or forgotten. I cherish my fourteen years in Germany, the lessons I have learned, and the people that have shaped me through the community that we cultivated together.

My young family has recently set off on a new adventure: to cultivate healthy community in the same but very changed country that my wife and I grew up in. Healthy community requires a conscious effort in any location. We are excited for the community cultivating stories that will be served on shared tables, and lived out in our encounters.

Stories and Insights


Communication is crucial. It doesn't matter if it pertains to a large company, a nonprofit organization, or friends and family - you will be expected to communicate. The dawn of social media has given us countless opportunities to increase our communication abilities....

Words are Powerful

Who doesn’t love a story about a person that confronts and overcomes obstacles and rejection? In spite of the circumstances, they make something amazing out of their life. Unfortunately […]

“Advent”ageous – Investing through Partnership

A week after our church community filled a little Nutcracker tin with money; Maren, a young lady from our church shared a picture of how beautiful investing in people truly is. Our church had decided to partner with the local Frauenhaus – a women and children’s home....

Eddie’s Ice Scraper

Everyone has needs. One of my needs is coffee. Two years ago I walked with my wife into a newly opened coffee bar to satisfy my desire. I was kindly greeted by Eddie, the owner and sole barrister of this comfortably arranged establishment. I ordered a large black...


I remember standing as a young boy on the second step of my grandparents two story house. I was attempting to pull my tie a little tighter hoping it would hold my perfectly parted hair and an army of tears in their rightful place. My great grandfather had just died...

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