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My family. My community. The nation I live in. Our world. We – all of us – need help!

In the next two months, the number of displaced people in my city will double. Men and women, boys and girls, are forced to flee and seek refuge in a culture that is not their own. They are being forced to reconcile their situation in a language that is not their own.

This is not their problem. This is our responsibility.

10 years ago, I made a choice to leave the known and embrace the adventure of a new country and a new language. I stood in long lines at immigration offices. I meandered my way over 8 years to secure an indefinite visa. I experimented my way through the language until I could communicate my heart and not just my basic needs.

I made this choice. It is a choice that I could have turned my back on. I could choose tomorrow to leave all behind and embrace something completely different. This is what I chose and this is what I choose.

Asylum seekers have not sought this fate. When refugees arrive in Germany they don’t get to choose which province, town or city they will occupy.

We need to choose to take responsibility.

I am currently working alongside other men and women who are choosing to take responsibility for some basic needs that these families and individuals have. We gather and distribute blankets and clothing. We provide bread on a weekly basis.

This is a beautiful basic beginning. Hands and feet are choosing to serve. It is as if people are responding to Jesus’ words, “You give them something to eat.” Blessed and broken bread is filling the lives of these displaced people both physically and figuratively.

The choice to take responsibility cannot end here. We need minds to help mitigate the long term story. 17 years is the average time a refugee will be displaced. We need ways to create space for choice to be restored for each man, woman and child.

We need to help.

Will you choose to take responsibility?

How can you help restore the opportunity of choice?